What are the features of your digital visiting card?

There are lots of features of our E-visiting card -

  1. Click to call: Your customers will reach you by just tapping on mobile number on vCard.
  2. Click to WhatsApp: Your customers can whatsapp you without even saving your number!
  3. Click to Email: One Click and your customer will be able to send you an email directly.
  4. Click to Navigat: Using digital visiting Card, people can navigate to your store with Google Maps.
  5. Add to Contacts: People can save all your contact details in their phone address book.
  6. Website & Social links: Your Customers can visit your website & social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Youtube, etc.
  7. Share Unlimited: You can share your digital visiting card unlimited times to anyone using social media.
  8. Easy to Update: You can update your details as and when you want to change unlimited times.
  9. Photo & Video Gallery: Showcase your business related attractive images & Youtube videos to your customers
  10. Appointment Section: Your customer can notify you fixing an appointment with your precious time
  11. Enquiry Form: Your customer can contact you anytime through Enquiry Form of your Digital Business Card
  12. Language Change Option: Your Digital Business Card can be converted into any language of the world